Climbing rock near Deep Lake.


Part of the Shoshone Reclamation Project started in 1904, The Deaver Irrigation District first took over the operation of the system from the Bureau of Reclamation in 1931. The Shoshone Reclamation Project is still the largest federal irrigation project in Wyoming and it includes Buffalo Bill Dam and storage reservoir, two diversion dams, two small off-stream reservoirs, approximately 140 miles of tunnels and canals, and 564 miles of laterals and distribution ditches. Water leaves the Buffalo Bill Dam at 5,360 feet elevation and re-enters the Shoshone River at approximately 4,000 feet almost 50 miles below the dam.

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Circle Flume Reclamation Office 1917Frannie Flume


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Deaver Irrigation District will turn in the water around April 15th of each year, unless otherwise posted here.

Please have gates on canal roads opened by April 1st of each year so the maintance crew can get around.


Turn on Date
Deaver Irrigation District will turn off water around October 15th of each year, unless otherwise posted here Shut Off Notice